Happy clients

Dr. Bennett is smart, professional and gives sage advice for parents who are looking for support and answers. The documents she created for us were well organized and easy to understand. Her professional background as an educator and academic, combined with her ability to communicate mom-to-mom made her the perfect choice for us. She has my highest recommendation.
— -E.B, Mom of 2 girls, rising College Freshman, Rising College Junior
Mrs. Hundt helped me so much as I was preparing to take the SAT and ACT! I had taken both tests before going to her, but was not satisfied with my scores. She helped me narrow down what it was that I struggled with most, and helped me get to the root of my mistakes. After taking both tests a second time, both scores improved greatly, and my SAT score went up 130 points! I owe so much of my success to Mrs. Hundt’s patience, thoughtful explanations, and in-depth assessment of my skills. I am so grateful for her help and highly recommend her services.
— - J.M., 2019 Graduate of Westchester Country Day School

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“ We had a good conversation on the way home yesterday,  about what each of us needs to do to help [him] succeed academically. I will be digging deeper into strategies that work for [him]. You definitely should add parent counseling to your list of achievements! … Thank you for your help and guidance. We are so thankful to have found you.”

— Mom of testing client

”I know this must be a ton of work to manage!  I deeply appreciate your time and commitment!”

— Mom of 2 Tutoring clients

“ I have immediately "relaxed" and I'm telling myself not to worry so much since [she] seems to be managing. I have focused my conversations with her on the things I know she enjoys most and not on school work so that I can be her mom. I already feel "lighter" even though giving her the emotional support she needs is a tall order. So thank you for this advice.”

— Mom of educational Consulting client