Guidance for Bright Futures


Your family has advisers for health and finances, but what about for your educational and parenting journey? 

Parents form long-term relationships with their family pediatrician, who provides medical expertise on how to best raise their children to be healthy and happy. They hire financial advisors to be gurus of the future and ensure the security of their kids. But who can parents turn to with regard to the specific educational and behavior questions they have for their children and the challenges they have? The internet is full of advice blogs, but nothing really nails the exact situations you face with YOUR child. 

It’s time for someone to be there for your family. It’s time you had a childhood adviser, who can provide valuable guidance and the relief that an expert is finally in your corner.



Educational Evaluations & Testing

Mental Health Counseling/Therapy

College Planning & Test Prep

Parent Learning

Educational Consultation/School Finding

Tutoring/Academic Coaching

Executive Function Coaching

Educational Therapy

Resource Finding and Referrals

We are here to support you and your family. Your family’s journey with your children from infancy might lead you to seek guidance and support that you can’t find at your child’s school, your pediatrician’s office, or even among your friends. We are ILLUMII - experts ready to be in your corner.