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Parenting the Child You Have - Creating Calm & Connection with your ADHD Child

  • ILLUMII 121 Reynolda Village Winston Salem United States (map)

Join us for this free event led by Dr. Kristin Bennett, ILLUMII’s Founder & Director:

Living with ADHD is not easy. Not for parents, not for siblings, and most of all, not for the child with ADHD. We have learned so much in the past ten years to help ease the path for these children both in school and at home. In working with parents, my philosophy is, “Parent the child you have.” Not the one you thought you would have or that others tell you that you would have if you just parented THEIR way. I help parents and professionals nurture children through tolerance, empathy, and support, with a healthy balance of guidance and structure. As I say to parents: “Don’t bend the Universe – too much.” Prepare them for the real world, but know when to give them that extra chance they may need."

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